CRUSHER is a kind of construction machinery,and its waste materials whose row size greater than three millimeters  take up more than 50 percent of toa intresting picturetal waste.Crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, cement, smelting, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. crusher applications in the cement industry, paving industry and mining industry take up  about 30% of the entire crusher industry. So crushers plays an important role in the national economy . crushing operation is often divided into coarse crushing , secondary crusher and fine crushing . And there are five methods of crushing,actual crushing operations is often combined effects of several ways.

In fact,crusher appeared very early. With the improvement and promotion of the steam engine and electric motor power machinery ,various crushers have been invented. After several improvements, the crushers have become what we are using now. with the requirements of the people, crushers will be further developed.

Now let us  review the crusher history simply:

In 1806, steam-driven roll crusher appeared.
In 1858, American EW Black invented the jaw crusher. 1980s, a large jaw crusher’s material size(average diameter of abrasive) which can crush 800 tons of material per hour had reached about 1800mm. a young girl,an old woman.they are the same one
In 1878, American Charles Brown invented the gyratory crusher with   continuous  work. The Gates Iron Works sold its first gyratory crusher Chicago in 1881 .In 1953 ,U.S. Allis-Chalmers gyratory crusher hydraulic launched. The early 1970s, large gyratory crusher has been able to handle material per hour, 5000 tons, the maximum size up to 2000 mm. The late 1970s, the U.S. launch of super-heavy company Rexnord gyratory crusher. 80 years, Sweden has introduced a new top Morgards Hammer gyratory crusher hydraulic cylinder. In 1984, China successfully developed the 1200 light-duty hydraulic gyratory crusher.
In 1895, the United States William invented a low energy impact crusher.
In 1920, the original design by the Americans Simmons brothers began to be used cone crusher concentrator. In 1948 the company developed into a U.S. AC hydraulic cone crusher. 70 years for the development of control hydraulic cone crusher automatic controller.
In 1924, the Germans developed a crusher, its structure is similar to a modern squirrel cage crusher, 1942, German Andreson on the basis of previous experience, and the invention of modern crusher structure similar AP series impact crusher, crusher of the kind after the Second World War (1945) appeared in the market.

Nowdays,the development of crusher is rapid.New crushers appear constantly.But,No matter how crushers develop, they are based on several basic types.

Now, let’s review five basic kinds of crushers.

First,jaw crusher: (tiger mouth):material is crushed by the movable jaw pressure periodically hugs the fixed jaw, the folder in which the crushed ore block.

jaw crusher

Second,cone crusher: cone ore block in both inside and outside, between the fixed outer cone, inner cone for the eccentric swing, the folder in which the ore block pressure Crushed.

cone crusher

Third, roll crusher: nuggets in round two opposite rotating rollers caught in between, mainly by successive crushing effect, but also with grinding stripping effect Broken tooth roll surface have split the role.

roll crusher

Forth, impact crusher: nuggets by the rapid rotation of themoving parts of the knock-on effect has been smashed. Impact Crusher can be divided into single-rotor and dual-rotor .

Fifth,hammer crusher: hammer crusher can be divided into two kinds of single-rotor and dual-rotor, Single-rotor hammer crusher can be divided into non-reversible crusher and reversible crusher.

hammer crusher

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