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The Basic Principle of Crusher

Material broken particle size of about 1mm ~ 5mm, just the use of force to break large pieces of material into small pieces. Its main purpose is to provide after-step process granularity of raw materials and meet the technical requirements for storage and transportation. In industrial production are used crusher for crushing. Is broken ore, coal, metallurgy, construction, road construction, cement and other industrial sectors is an important job. In the concentrator and cement, crushing plant investment and a large proportion of production costs. Thus reducing the crushing energy consumption and improve crushing efficiency, is of great significance.
Fragmentation process is a complex process of change block size material, with a number of factors. Main factors are: strength of the material resistance, hardness, toughness, shape, size, humidity, temperature, density and homogeneity, and external conditions (such as materials in the crushing block group interaction and instant distribution) and so on. These factors have led to the complexity of the crushing process, which has not yet come to a complete unified theory to explain and guide the broken practice.

Crushing of materials must be in force for the power to overcome the cohesion between its particles can occur when. Cohesion can be divided into two categories: one is the crystal’s internal force between the particles, the other is the force between the crystal and the crystal. Both have the same physical properties, but the first class cohesion bigger than second class by many times. The size of cohesion depends on the material block nature and structure of the crystal itself, but also with structural defects exist. These defects may be damage to the macro-and micro-cracks. According to the crystal structure and the nature of interactions among particles, from the theoretical calculations of crystal cohesion; The cohesion between the size of the crystal can not be accurately calculated yet.
Materials due to external force and crushing blocks in the first before the elastic deformation, when the deformation reaches a certain value, the material re-bridge the defect, and the occurrence of hardening and the stress increases, the role of external forces to continue deformation continues until the most along break open fragile surface. Materials will be perpendicular to the stress fracture (or rupture), or to slip under shear stress, or fracture under the action of the two.


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