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Accessories of Crushers

Jaw Plate

Jaw plate is the most consumed The production of jaw crusher, so the we must take it in good quality when Choosing ,jaw plate life is an important indicator of good or bad quality.
Jaw crusher body of work is fixed jaw and movable jaw formed consisting of the working chamber, fixed jaw and movable jaw are under enormous crushing force and the friction material, easy to wear out, in order to protect the jaw, generally in the fixed jaw and movable jaw surface wear of the liner installation, also known as broken boards. Jaw plate surface is usually made of tooth, jaw plate angle of tooth peaks 90 ° ~ 120 °, its size has been broken by the nature of the materials and fragmentation may be. Pitch depends on the product’s size, usually about equal to the discharge port to take the width, height and pitch of the teeth than desirable 1 / 2 to 1 / 3. Work, the lower jaw plate wear faster than the upper, jaw plates in the jaw crusher work, direct contact with the material, under enormous crushing force and the friction material, jaw plate life is directly related to the jaw crusher machine efficiency and production costs, therefore, to extend the jaw crusher jaw plate life is particularly important.

Beautiful jaw plate

1. when designed, the fixed jaw and movable  jaw board should be the peak of the tooth tooth valley. Thus, in addition to the material when broken compression, there is bending, the material is easier to break. In order to enhance the life of the jaw plate, jaw crusher plates small and medium designed from top to bottom symmetrical shape, a U-turn immediately after use of the Department of wear and tear; large jaw crusher jaw plates designed symmetrical to each other a few to wear after will exchange with the jaw plate. Jaw plate material can be selected white cast iron. In order to improve the life of the jaw plate, material the use of more than 12% of the manganese-manganese steel better, is commonly used ZGMn13. Manganese steel toughness, under pressure will continue to be strengthened, so constantly at work wear and continue to strengthen, it can not be used until worn to scrap. Manganese steel jaw plates after pouring the water through the tough treatment, water treatment operation generally tough and quenching the same, that is cast out of manganese steel jaw plates heated to 1,000 degrees in the water after rapid cooling. Water treatment can be tough uniform microstructure.

2. assembly, the jaw plate must be firmly attached to the E-board, between the pads should be level, between the jaw and make a soft metal gasket, and tighten the bolts. Crusher, the jaw plate should not be loosening, or wear plate or easily broken jaw, lower jaw plate of life. Therefore, the assembly must be installed when the jaw plates, thus extending the life of the jaw plate.

3. in the production process, materials and jaw plate directly, breaking force greatly, especially when the material hardness is great, leading to installation of vibration of the jaw plate bolts, nuts loose, so that jaw plate wear and greatly increased the noise, severe jaw board off or break the equipment down, affecting the normal production. According to the scene of the actual situation to analyze specific issues. For example, you can use spring locking jaw damping device to solve the loose board at work, thus extending the life of broken boards, improve work efficiency.


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