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Jaw Crusher

The Future Direction of Jaw Crusher

New jaw crusher that is JC Series Jaw Crusher, is in accordance with the construction of iron and other construction units in major projects with the stone on the basis of specifications, developed by the world’s advanced level of technology of new crushing equipment.The development of  jaw crusher can be summarized as the following

(1) new models of research, design process, full use of CAD systems, the trajectory of the equipment and structure to be Napoleon.                                                                 
(2) the use of mechanical properties of materials broken findings, designed for crushing the material properties of cavity-shaped curve, and the movement of the device where its combination of optimized design, the cavity-shaped curve for the best, in order to improve effectiveness and reduce the crushing energy consumption.
(3) The compound pendulum jaw crusher bearings, jaw life problems, its high efficiency, light weight, cheap advantages will become more prominent, will enable simple pendulum jaw crusher to a certain market share.
(4) advanced the crushing chamber and smaller application nip angle will be more common, dynamic nip angle for mechanical design, the machine will be able to improve.

(5) to promote welding rack and new technologies to reduce equipment costs.
(6) improved the movable jaw crusher toggle plate bearing suspension means and ways to improve the performance of crusher.
(7) new wear-resistant material used in jaw crushers, jaw reduce consumption.
(8) development of new open-type, high efficiency moving jaw drive to reduce drive power consumption, improve energy use effectiveness.
(9) to strengthen the strength of machine components, using the fill state, improve the crushing effect.
(10) automatic control and regulation system development, improve the level of installed capacity, reduce heavy manual labor.
(11) hydraulic system regulating the discharge opening, overload protection and hydraulic sub-starter.
(12) Crusher Self-lubricating device applications.

In recent years, an increasing proportion of open-pit mining, and large shovel, a large mining vehicles used, sent to the concentrator plant lumps broken up 1.5 ~ 2m; and because of lower ore grade increased, in order to maintain the original concentrator Some concentrate production, you have to increase the amount of ore mining and crushing volume. Therefore, crusher teeth are the large-scale direction. Currently the largest foreign-made simple pendulum jaw crusher is 2100mm × 3000mm, to the ore block degree 1800mm, production capacity of 1100t / h; maximum compound pendulum jaw crusher is 1676mm × 2108mm (66in × 83in), discharging mouth width of 355mm (14in), the production capacity of 3000t / h.
With large-scale equipment to simple and reliable operation, adjust the port of discharge devices and protective devices, domestic and foreign have tended to use hydraulics. China’s production of 900mm × 1200mm Hydraulic simple pendulum jaw crusher, Laiwu and Roots by two iron ore production practices, insurance and proof of a hydraulic adjusting mechanism hydraulic port of discharge the superiority of welcome.
In order to improve jaw crusher crushing efficiency, improvement of existing equipment, the general adoption curve lining, increasing the depth of the crushing chamber and a small pressure angle of the structure, speed up the moving speed of the swing jaw to increase crushing capacity and increased ratio.


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