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Cone Crusher

New Cone Crusher

HPC series hydraulic cone crusher, is the introduction of the latest German technology and developed the world’s advanced level of technology of hydraulic cone crusher chamber. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical, refractory, water, electricity, urban construction, highway and other industries, the crushing of ore, rock, slag processing plant suitable for a variety of metallurgical slag processing and utilization of comprehensive recycling operations. The equipment to improve production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expanded the scope of application, in today’s construction industry, mining alternative to replace the spring cone crusher and ordinary Hydraulic Cone Crusher’s latest generation of products, large broken stones factory and mining the best equipment. The machine is divided into standard and short head type, in general, standard feeding large size, marker size is coarse, short head cone crusher type steep, to the small particle size, is conducive to producing fine grain size material, it is standard generally used for rough, the broken, the short head type is used in crushing.

High-performance crushing cavity and the successful combination of high-frequency break, making the new cone crusher (HPC hydraulic cone crusher high) with greater capacity, and because the use of laminated crushing principle, it is broken products for the cubic structure, which greatly extent, reduce the pin sheet material. New Cone Crusher (HPC hydraulic cone crusher high) simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, adjustment of the discharge opening convenient, time-saving maintenance time, especially easy to quickly replace the liner, reducing downtime.

The crushing process in the fixed cone lining and eccentric movement between the dynamic cone liner done. Motor through belt and pulley to drive the crusher of the horizontal axis, the horizontal axis through the gears to drive the eccentric rotation. Eccentric drive spindles to move into a rotating cone pendulum movement, resulting in the eccentric swing dynamic cone and fixed cone lining lining between the periodic relative motion, so that the material to be broken in the crushing cavity constantly being squeezed and bending has been broken. Material to be broken by the upper feed port into the crusher, crushing the material from the crusher after the lower row of the discharge port. As part selection and structure design, so long life, and broken products, uniform particle size, reducing the load cycle, in the middle and large-sized crusher, using a hydraulic cavity clearing system, reducing downtime, and each specifications of the crusher chamber multi-user according to different needs, choose a different cavity, in order to better adapt to user needs. The machine is sealed with grease seal to prevent the water supply and drainage system is easy to plug the shortcomings and defects of water miscible oil, spring safety system is overload protection device, can be combined foreign body iron through the crushing chamber without damage crusher.


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