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Impact Crusher

Common Faults of Impact crusher

First,impact  crusher vibration                                                                                                                                                                                
1. the material is too large, you can check the feed size.
2.uneven wear, indicating the need to replace the hammer back,
3. rotor imbalance, the need to adjust                                                           
4.based handled properly, need to check the anchor bolts and reinforcement.

Second,impact  crusher bearings fever:
1.indicating that the bearing oil, fuel the need for timely, of course, also make too much bearing heating fuel, refueling, be sure to check the oil level
2. bearing damage, a timely replacement of bearings
3. cover tight, to regulate the bolt, an appropriate degree appropriate.
Third, the particle size is too large:
1.shows wear hammer, the hammer will be required to adjust or replace free
2.the hammer and the back plate of the gap is too large, usually adjusted to 15-20mm
3.feed particle size is too large will also affect the expected size.

Fourth, the crusher belt flip:
1. indicating the belt worn, replace belt
2.because the belt transmission assembly issues that need to be adjusted in the same plane pulley
3.V-belt itself must pay attention to quality.

Fifth, there Crusher lower metal crash.
1. buffer spring elastic rod away or damaged, resulting in strong rotation does not bear the weight of the spring, when the moving jaw, elbow board, the body of the three not tightly integrated, so that both ends of the bracket supporting the head and have impact.
2. plate bearing slide badly worn or loose bracket serious head wear.

Sixth, the machine during operation, the crushing chamber internally generated percussion very intense.
1. there can not be broken material into the crushing chamber. Immediately turn off the crusher power, parking and clean up the crushing chamber.
2. check the lining of the fastening and the gap between the hammer and the liner, liner wear off may be the reason. 

Seventh,impact crusher feed material failure and mouth leak solution
When the belt conveyor or tilting feeder in the process of transportation of materials, because materials in the process of beating a large range of motion when the material conditions prone to leakage, crusher of the feeding inlet is a certain tilt angle, steep, the material can easily be directly sent to the crushing chamber, the belt conveyor can be added in the baffle.

Eighth, bracket fracture
1) Host overload or greater than the size of the feed material into the mouth;
2) non-broken material into the crushing chamber;
3) bracket and elbow pads between parallel plates, there are skewed;
4) casting a more serious casting defects.
1) Replace the bracket and control the feed size, and to prevent overloading the host; 2) replace the brackets and take measures to prevent non-broken material into the crushing chamber; 
In practice, impact crusher fault is various, so we should make specific analysis.


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