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Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher Common Faults and Solutions

1.Failure: host suddenly stop
  Possible reasons:
 1).jaw crusher discharge port plug, resulting filled with sealing
 2) rotation of the drive sheave belt too loose, causing the belt slipping
 3) eccentric shaft adapter sleeve is loose, resulting in both sides of the bearing no gap, so that the eccentric shaft stuck, unable to turn
 4) workplace voltage is too low, the host encounter aniseed, the inability to break
 5) bearing damage.
 1) jaw crusher discharge opening obstruction removal, to ensure the smooth flow of material
 2) tighten or replace belt
 3) Re-install or replace the adapter bushing
 4) adjusting the voltage is the workplace, to conform to the requirements of the host operating voltage
 5) the replacement of bearings.
2.Failure: the host slot round, moving jaw functioning normally, but broken cease work
  Possible reasons:
 1) tension spring break
 2) rod fracture;
 3) loss or board elbow fracture
 1) Replace the spring tension
 2) Replace rod
 3) to re-install or replace the bracket
3. Failure: less than the factory standard production
   Possible reasons:
 1) The hardness and toughness of materials broken over the extent provided instructions
 2) The location of the motor wiring reversed, the host opened the anti-car (moving jaw clockwise rotation), or the motor delta connection into star connection
 3) nesting population is less than the specified limits
 4) jaw plates shift, the top teeth and the tip is relatively
 5) low voltage work site
 6) The mobile jaw crusher jaw and bearing wear gap is too large, there is relative to the bearing outer ring rotation
 1) to replace or increase crusher
 2) replacing the electrical wiring;
 3) nesting population adjustment to the instructions provided for the nominal increase nesting population and the crusher for crushing
 4) Check the teeth-pitch size, such as sub-standard replacement jaw plates are required, align the activities of the fixed jaw plate and the relative position of the jaw plate, ensuring top of the gear tooth root, the fixed clamping to prevent displacement
 5) increase the voltage of the workplace, to adapt the requirements of the host overloaded
 6) the replacement of bearings or moving the jaw
4. Failure:Jaw rusher jaw plate and fixed work activities when beating or crash
   Possible reasons:
 1) Jaw plate fastening bolts loose or fall
 2) nesting population is too small, the two hit each other at the bottom of the jaw plate
 1) bear fixed or installed for bolts
 2) align the nesting population to ensure that the correct two jaw plate gap
5. Failure:bracket fracture
   Possible reasons:
 1) Host overload or greater than the size of the feed material into the mouth
 2) non-broken material into the crushing chamber
 3) bracket and elbow pads between parallel plates, there are skewed
 4) casting a more serious casting defects
 1) Replace the bracket and control the feed size, and to prevent overloading the host;
 2) replace the brackets and take measures to prevent non-broken material into the crushing chamber;
 3) Replace the bracket and the bracket replacement of worn pads, proper installation bracket
 4) the replacement of qualified bracket
6. Failure:Block-off adjustment
   Possible reasons:
 1) bracket, bracket pad their own procurement or restructuring, does not meet the design requirements of OEMs
 2) Adjust the seat mounting bolts loose
 3) Adjust the seat there is a serious casting defects or welding defects
 1) the replacement of the assembly to adjust seat and replace the original OEM bracket, bracket pad
 2) replace the seat and adjust the seat adjustment bolt adapter
 3) the replacement of tune News Home> Products> News
7. Failure: Rack severe beating
   Possible reasons:
 1) loose or broken anchor bolts
 2) fly, slot wheel weights position deviation
 3) the host is no solid foundation, no isolation measures
 1) Tightening bolts or replace broken bolts
 2) Remove the cover plate fly wheel slot, loosen the fly, slot Lunzhang sleeve bolt, align the fly, grooved wheel weights position, then tighten the bolt set up sleeve
 3) The reinforcement of foundation, plus ties, or rubber mats, etc.
8. Failure: Jaw crusher eccentric shaft bent or broken
   Possible reasons:
 1) lifting the host occurred during the rollover, the eccentric shaft bending unilateral force
 2) The material hardness was broken over the product manual provides
 3) over the negative long-term operation of the host
 4) The bracket does not match the standard, non-broken material into the crushing chamber off the time when protection from
 5) eccentric shaft improper heat treatment, stress concentration, resulting in short-term fracture
 1) Replace the eccentric shaft, correct lifting host 2) replacement of the eccentric shaft, the compressive strength of the material by crushing, select suitable crusher
 2) Replace the eccentric shaft, align the work load or change to adapt to the crusher
 3) Replace the eccentric shaft, do not use does not match the design standards of the bracket, bracket pad
 4) Replace the eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft with heat treatment of qualified
9. Failure: mobile jaw fracture jaw crusher
   Possible reasons:
 1) left-intensive casting porosity and other serious defects
 2) the use of unqualified bracket, bracket pad, crusher in a strong shock bracket was no protection from broken
 3) jaw displacement occurred in the rack, one end of the bottom edge of the collision guard frame
 4) After the failure of spring tension rod not be replaced
 5) the nesting population is less than the specified limits
 6) feeding the wrong place, or favor one side under the hopper angle is too steep, the direct impact of materials moving jaw head.
 1) the replacement of fixed jaw
 2) the replacement of fixed jaw. OEM production also put the original bracket, bracket pad
 3) the replacement of fixed jaw. And the correct assembly of eccentric shafts, bearings, bushings and jaw set tight, replace damaged parts
 4) the replacement of fixed jaw. Also replace the rod spring
 5) the replacement of fixed jaw. At the same time required to adjust the nesting population
 6) the replacement of fixed jaw. At the same time by doing into the hopper to ensure uniform cutting, smooth, and the middle points to the two sides.


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