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Accessories of Crushers

Flat Hammer

 Flat hammer is an important part of hammer crusher.Flat hammer shape and fastening methods are closely related and work load. Flat hammer should be designed to meet the reliable, easy handling and improve the utilization of sheet metal flat hammer requirements. Flat hammer is generally made by high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and other wear-resistant alloy steel. Flat hammer shape a lot, have a long strip, T-shaped, S-shaped, work-shaped, with ax-shaped trough and other shapes, the flat hammer is now generally strip.                                                                                                                                                                                   flat hammer

When hammer crusher is working, the main use of flat hammer blows to the material realization of the role of the collision of materials broken during use, due to various types of sheet material with flat hammer structure for full contact role, so its easy to as the device’s main loss has a great piece of equipment consumes. Consumption is usually flat hammer flat hammer the loose and broken, flat hammer wear and tear on the equipment production is not a greater impact. Flat hammer after breaking loose, it is easy for the rotor, causing damage to counter-attack aircraft, and even break the rotor shaft, the rotor structure, resulting in crusher flat hammer over-consumption.

Flat hammer excessive consumption  is usually due to  structure of the connection plate bolt and flat hammer flat hammer poor manufacturing quality, routine equipment maintenance not in place. Prolonged use of the flat hammer will produce different degrees of wear, after the flat hammer is too large will have a loose bolt connections in the processing of the bolts, the bolts and nuts to feed the better the bite, the threads of the bolt the manufacture of relatively thin, bolt fastening ability. Flat hammer in the manufacture of board, due to poor manufacturing quality, will lead plates occur within the pores or hollow flat hammer, heat treatment and other aspects of quality can also cause flat hammer down. In the specific production, because of the duration, intensity of work, production of various factors, the board has not been regularly improved flat hammer structure overhaul and maintenance, the same flat hammer is caused by consumption of large direct cause.

Flat hammer to install on board, to strengthen the connection of the fastening bolts, re-create the bolt abrasive, so bolt oval head screw contact surface can be achieved with good contact, the thickness of the bolt thread teeth to keep the required size poor range, to avoid the crusher flat hammer produced by the excessive concentration of stress fracture. In the crusher plate flat hammer on the selection made, the choice of a higher wear resistance of high chromium cast iron multi-plate flat hammerflat hmmer manufacturing. In the crusher after each production equipment inspection and maintenance in a timely manner, the structure of the mounting plate flat hammer to flat hammer on the board and the notch of the bolt hole to clean up sand and burr grinding, making the equipment more closely connected, in the fastening flat hammer on the bolt when the oval head for flat hammering in the process of equipment operation should be checked regularly to the bolt, and bolt and screw point welding to increase the stability of the connection plate flat hammer.                                                                                                                                                

Flat hammer through the board of adjustment, installation, manufacturing improvements and regular maintenance, can effectively reduce the flat hammer rate of consumption, improve equipment efficiency, replace the bolts in the repair parts such as the number of downward trends, the life flat hammer plate to be effectively extended.




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