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Crusher Bearing

bearingBearing in the mechanical transmission process and reduce the load from the fixed effect coefficient of friction. When other parts on the shaft when the relative motion to each other, the process used to reduce the power transmission coefficient of friction and to maintain a fixed mechanical shaft center.

Support is part of its role, t assume the role of the nature of the bearing radial load. Is the fixed rotation axis so that it can only be achieved, and to control its axial and radial movement. Without bearing the consequences of the motor is not work at all. Because the axis of movement in any direction possible, while the electrical work required for the rotation axis only. Bearing also affect the transmission, so in the high-speed operation of the bearing must be lubricated to achieve good.

Bearings can be divided into two types of rolling bearings and plain bearings. According to the direction of classification can withstand the load, the bearing can be divided into ① radial bearings, also known as radial bearings, radial load. ② thrust bearing, also known as the thrust bearing, axial load. ③ radial thrust bearing, also known as radial thrust bearing to support radial load and axial load. 

Bearings is the core component crusher, Not by removing the check, you can identify or predict whether the failure of bearings in operation, to improve productivity and economy is very important.
1. voice identification
To identify needs through sound experience. Must be adequately trained to recognize bearing sounds and non-bearing sound. Therefore, we should try to carry out this work by hand. With listening, or listening on a stick attached to the shell can clearly hear the voice of the bearing. bearing
2. identify by the working temperature
This method is more recognition method is limited to use in running the state do not change the situation. To this end, the temperature must be continuously recorded. Failure, not only temperature, but also irregular changes.
3 identify by the state of lubricant
Sampling and analysis of the lubricant, through its pollution level is mixed with metal powder or other foreign matter to judge. The method can not be observed near the large bearing or bearings are particularly effective.


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