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Crusher Market Analysis

How to Develop Crusher Industry in Low-carbon Economy Environment

Low-carbon economy, refers to the concept of sustainable development under the guidance through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring, new energy development and other means to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection a win-win economic development patterns.

Low-carbon economy is a low power consumption, low emission-based economic model, but they are heavy crusher industries, especially the production scale of China’s crushing machine to medium and small enterprises, technology behind the cause of the low labor productivity, energy high consumption, pollution, low cut-throat competition and a series of problems, it has also become a problem in China in a very long time in the crusher industry is a major problem. So as a traditional industry crusher industry how to adapt to the development of new low carbon era situation?

First, by raising the level of technology, the crusher industry to adhere to self-development and introduction of a combination of absorption. And developed countries, China crusher industry in technology and equipment on the performance of a very immature, backward approach to development so that business generated in the production of high energy consumption and high pollution caused great pressure on the environment. In the current new situation of economic globalization, China’s crushing machine industry as well as “open field”, the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and experience, development and production of high-quality, environmentally friendly broken equipment, but also insist on self-development, the technology innovation initiative in their own hands, so as to achieve new industry in China Crusher leap.

Second, from high-quality personnel training, the crusher industry to adhere to a combination of academic and theoretical. The current survey results from that, our crusher extreme shortage of human resources industry, many production workers have not received professional training in theory, they simply operate in accordance with traditional experience, which is lagging behind industry in China crusher important reason. From the current situation, in order to obtain new development, crusher industry should focus on the training of professionals to achieve the knowledge and production of large fusion. In April, the largest crusher manufacturers in China – Zhengzhou peak Engineering Co., Ltd. and Henan University of Technology established a research exchange and cooperation, through this partnership, schools and businesses take full advantage of the different teaching environment and teaching resources as well as in personnel training respective strengths, the book knowledge and practical competency-based production, the actual experiences, the development of enterprises so as to transfer high-quality technology and talent, Zhengzhou peak of this way of combining focus on personnel training for the entire industry has opened up precedent.

Third, from increasing the overall level of the industry in terms of the crusher industry to strengthen internal communication and cooperation. In the highly competitive environment, companies exist between different levels of mutual confidence and mutual blockade phenomenon is also beyond reproach, which is business in their own development as a necessary reflection. But this phenomenon is the technological level of the industry as soon as possible to enhance the role played constraints. Therefore, to the overall development of the industry, broken machine should be more exchanges between enterprises, some of the equipment level and high-tech companies and leading technology to help behind the enterprise, in order to achieve the revitalization of China’s crushing machine and a powerful industry.

Low-carbon age is a new era of social progress, crusher industry to change the mode of development, independent innovation and structural adjustment, the crusher industry into a resource-saving and environment-friendly industries.


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