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Cursher Engine

Engine is a way to put energy into a form more useful to another machine, usually into chemical energy into mechanical energy. (The electrical energy into the machine to the title of the motor) and sometimes both for power generation device, it can also mean the whole machine, including power plants, such as gasoline engines, … Continue reading

Eccentric Shaft

As the name suggests, the center of the eccentric shaft axis is not in the center of cylindrical axis parallel with the cylindrical workpiece without overlap, called the eccentric shaft. Normal axis, can only bring the workpiece rotation, but the eccentric shaft, not only to pass the rotation, while passing revolution. Now the U.S. giant … Continue reading

Crusher Bearing

Bearing in the mechanical transmission process and reduce the load from the fixed effect coefficient of friction. When other parts on the shaft when the relative motion to each other, the process used to reduce the power transmission coefficient of friction and to maintain a fixed mechanical shaft center. Support is part of its role, … Continue reading

Flat Hammer

 Flat hammer is an important part of hammer crusher.Flat hammer shape and fastening methods are closely related and work load. Flat hammer should be designed to meet the reliable, easy handling and improve the utilization of sheet metal flat hammer requirements. Flat hammer is generally made by high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and … Continue reading

Crusher Rotor FAQ

1.What are the crusher  rotor main components ? Rotor Mainly by the rotor shaft crusher, hammer, hammer shaft, sleeve, locking devices, bearings, bearing, seals, pulleys and other components. 2 where are mainly the crusher rotor  danger zone ? According to structural analysis by finite element stress analysis simulation can clearly see the cloud of broken rotor dangerous areas … Continue reading


Hammer is one of the core components, which is arranged in the rotor shaft, hammer crusher at high speed in a direct blow to the material, eventually breaking into the appropriate particle size. Hammer manufacturing process is a key factor to determine hammer’s life. If  the manufacture of surface or internal defects such as shrinkage, cracks, … Continue reading

Counterattack Plate of Impact Crusher

Counterattack palte is an imporyant compenont of impact crusher. Counterattack plate stands the impact of the material, so that the material broken by the impact and the impact of broken material to re-bounce impact area, again the impact of fragmentation. Many different types of counterattack plate  , there are mansard counterattack plate  and the arc counterattack plate . … Continue reading

Jaw Plate

Jaw plate is the most consumed The production of jaw crusher, so the we must take it in good quality when Choosing ,jaw plate life is an important indicator of good or bad quality. Jaw crusher body of work is fixed jaw and movable jaw formed consisting of the working chamber, fixed jaw and movable jaw … Continue reading

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