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How to Develop Crusher Industry in Low-carbon Economy Environment

Low-carbon economy, refers to the concept of sustainable development under the guidance through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring, new energy development and other means to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection a win-win economic development patterns. Low-carbon economy is a low power consumption, low … Continue reading

Mining Machinery Network Marketing Notes

E-commerce and the rapid emergence of this new industry development and promote change in traditional industries. Mining machinery industry have seen new life and new direction. Especially in the financial crisis, retail B2C online B2B and vertical segments to obtain a new round of rapid development, many B2C service providers to obtain a considerable number … Continue reading

Technological Innovation in Mining Machinery Industry

1.Infrastructure development opportunities for the mining machinery: mining machinery applications and infrastructure are closely related, the future will have a huge market. In local government investment plans, the focus is still the railways, highways, power plants, real estate and other infrastructure projects, which are related to the mining machinery industry in China are closely linked. … Continue reading

How to Achieve both Efficient and Energy-saving in Construction Machinery Industry

Construction machinery industry is not only important to promote the people’s livelihood relies on the construction, but also the achievement of the industry, rapid development of effective protection, so the development of construction machinery industry is also a priority in the other. That is why the “high efficiency” has become the measure an important indicator … Continue reading

What Decides Crusher Price?

There are many factors that impact crusher price, the price of steel, ore prices, the price of construction materials, and even house prices will affect the crusher industries, thereby affecting the crusher offer. Now, the crusher is mainly affected by steel prices, market dynamics and other effects, according to analysts, steel market stock market today … Continue reading

Mining machinery Trend

Mining machinery trend is ecological, digital, intelligent three areas, the so-called intelligence has been reflected in the following areas: 1. Automated underground mining of mineral resources. Advances in information technology, to promote intelligent unmanned mining techniques to mining and other high-technology features integrated into the main development of unmanned mine. No underground mining coal mining … Continue reading

Problems of Crusher Market

As the economic crisis is not a short term rebound, China’s GDP growth rate fell, consumer confidence is not enough , crusher enterprises  cuts costs, so operating pressure of   crusher enterprises increases and oversupply trend is inevitable.  Studies have shown that enterprises in China crusher market has been low industrial concentration, lack of economies of scale. In recent years, … Continue reading

The Competition Domestic Crusher Manufacturers Face

Almost all of the world’s major crusher manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, joint venture or sole proprietorship. With foreign capital, technology, brand and new business ideas in the domestic construction machinery of high technology, high value-added products has an absolute advantage, is the industry’s strongest competitors; and a considerable number of multinational companies have … Continue reading

The Problems of State-owned Enterprises

Faced with an increasingly brutal competition in the market, there are a lot of problems have not be solved in state-owned construction machinery, the future development of state-owned construction machinery will be a tremendous threat, mainly in the following areas: 1.State-owned construction machinery business does not have a fundamental change in management structure Although the initial … Continue reading

Macroeconomic Analysis About Crushers

Rapid social and economic development needs to speed up infrastructure construction.It can not be separated crusher industry upgrading. Focus on the development of the existing infrastructure construction, the crusher industry’s main market demand is relatively large,the number of new crushers in 2010 more than 170,000 sets of machines. First, theapplication of mine, a broad market for … Continue reading

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