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European Version Jaw Crusher

European version Jaw Crusher is one of three categories, based on commonly used in the production of jaw crusher features, Jaw Crusher is mainly used for hard, abrasive materials, strong crushing operations. The series of broken machinery and equipment in the crusher is a world leading position, before one put into use, they were customers. … Continue reading

How to achieve the Jaw crusher gear ?

Movable jaw crusher jaw plate movement is the eccentric rod, and thrust with the board to achieve, It is by the flywheel, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, thrust plate and thrust board(known as cubits after board) composition. Two flywheels are mounted on both ends of the eccentric shaft. Eccentric shaft supported on bearings on the wall … Continue reading

Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher Characteristic and Application

Compound Pendulum jaw crusher is a medium-size crushing stone crushing equipment in one of the most commonly used. Compound pendulum jaw crusher as simple, inexpensive, simple, durable, easy maintenance, etc., has become China’s production of the largest, most widely used crushing equipment. This crusher crushing of ores and rocks of various hardness, mainly for medium … Continue reading

Jaw Crusher Long-term Storage Notes

First, jaw crusher should  be parked in the dry interior, should be considered outside appearance of rust paint off the area to determine the size-up painting is repainted with the machine. Non-conductive objects arranged on the battery, and then intercept the positive line, lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month. Should be selected on the … Continue reading

Jaw Crusher Structure

Let me show you the main componets of jaw crusher 1. Rack chassis is rigid upper and lower walls of the opening frame for supporting the eccentric shaft and the crushing of materials to withstand the reaction, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, usually with a cast the whole cast, minicomputer can also be used instead of … Continue reading

Jaw crusher overload protection

Jaw crusher is the most widely used crusher equipment in all walks of life, for breaking all kinds of different hardness, different types of materials, so the jaw crusher in the job process, inevitably there will be overload. This requires that the equipment itself should have good self-protection system, to make the device safe operation, the failure … Continue reading

Jaw Crusher Removal

The most frequent repair item in jaw crusher is jaw plate . Link is broken for the whole machine, to remove the thrust plate, the bolt must be screwed a plate, cut off the dry-lubricated tube, the thrust plate hanging in the crane lifting hook or other lifting device, and then be loose On one end of … Continue reading

Jaw Crusher Improvement

PE400 × 600 Jaw crusher eccentric shaft taper bearing the original short life, although well-lubricated and sealed, but the general use of 1000-1500h bearing on the failure. The inspection found that the bearing sleeve is mainly due to fragile parts will form a period of time as shown in Figure 1 (a) shows the ladder, … Continue reading

How to Extend Jaw Crusher’s life

Jaw crusher in everyday use, there is the inevitable wear and tear, how to reduce the wear and tear?It can not only increase productivity but also improve economic efficiency, so we jaw crusher spindle, eccentric shaft and bush areas for long-term maintenance! Jaw crusher works as a song-action extrusion type, and its working principle is: the … Continue reading

Jaw Crusher Common Faults and Solutions

1.Failure: host suddenly stop   Possible reasons:  1).jaw crusher discharge port plug, resulting filled with sealing  2) rotation of the drive sheave belt too loose, causing the belt slipping  3) eccentric shaft adapter sleeve is loose, resulting in both sides of the bearing no gap, so that the eccentric shaft stuck, unable to turn  4) … Continue reading

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