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Can Crusher

Can crusher is a new, energy-saving environmental equipment to protect for the crushing and recycling of metal cans,which is named the new recycling crushing; it also combines all the advantages of the mill and it is a kinds of advanced grinding equipment. The basic principle of the hammer blows: in the high-speed and high-torque motor … Continue reading

Plastic Crusher

Plastic crusher is a machine use for crushing plastic.This series of crusher is mainly used for crushing various plastic such as plastic and rubber plastic profiles, pipes, rods, thread, film, scrap rubber. Pellets provide the extrusion and injection. SWP-450 Plastic Crusher is a recycling of large sections, pipe the ideal equipment; crushing capacity, high yield, … Continue reading

Crushing Production Line

Crushing production line (sand and gravel production line) is the production of special equipment used in construction sand and stone of special equipment, stone equipment, including jaw crusher, stone crusher, crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen , sand washing machine, belt conveyor and so on. Our equipment has a reliable performance, reasonable design, easy … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction of Vertical Crusher

Vertical crusher, also called composite crusher is crushing and sand production line production line used equipment. Vertical crusher is the advanced enterprises in the draw based on the crushing equipment, made of a non-optimized design of the screen, adjustable for crushing equipment, can be widely used in cement raw material crushing, clinker crushing operations, but … Continue reading

Crusher Selection

Crusher  is indispensable in China’s infrastructure , and  crusher application is very broad, we buy from the crusher when the reality of the project, and to understand the characteristics of various types of crushing equipment, scope, manufacturers of quality of service, Also note that when in the selection of the following factors: 1) total production and the finished … Continue reading

Box Crusher Principle and Characteristic

Box crusher is currently developing a new crusher, the rock crushing equipment. New structure, unique, smooth operation. With the shaping function, and the establishment of parties like the product, packing density, the production process, the stone can be formed to protect the bottom, body wear, durable. Small pieces with a special hard wear resistant material … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction of the Main Technical and Economic Indicators in Crushing Plant

Crushing plant is an important part of dressing ,it is also the key to reduce costs. Main consumption, screening efficiency, quantity of ore processing and size of final product is a the four main technical and economic indicators of crushing plant . 1.Main consumption: In addition to crushing plant equipment, normal wear and tear, electricity, … Continue reading

Bearing Removal and Installation

 Lime powder is limestone, dolomite or chalk and other raw materials, calcined rigid gas derived from inorganic cementitious material. Lime powder with calcium oxide as the main ingredient, is widely used in building materials, chemical industry. Lime powder by crushing limestone and other raw materials, calcination, grinding after the formation of limestone crushing equipment are: … Continue reading

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile crushing plant, also known as mobile crusher, the mobility of the stone can be crushing, can be seen as a simple stone production line, widely used in railway, highway, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile crushing plant raw materials for processing in accordance with the type, size and material requirements of different … Continue reading

The Basic Principle of Crusher

Material broken particle size of about 1mm ~ 5mm, just the use of force to break large pieces of material into small pieces. Its main purpose is to provide after-step process granularity of raw materials and meet the technical requirements for storage and transportation. In industrial production are used crusher for crushing. Is broken ore, coal, … Continue reading

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